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Known for flawless performance and longer service life: Offering Meters, Switches, Cables and Wires, Resistors, Lamps, Transformers, Plants, Capacitors, Electrical Accessories, etc.

About Us

India is known to the world as a country with the longest railway network. A major part of the population uses railways as a means of traveling from one place to another and has resulted to be the most profitable revenue sector in the current era. With the aim of serving this sector, along with many other sectors we, Rayco Electro Enterprise came into existence in the year 1969. We are one of the reckoned manufacturers and suppliers of a wide series of electrical and electronic items that are widely catered to the railway sector. We are widely appreciated in the market for supplying highly durable and high-performance Meters, Switches, Cables and Wires, Resistors, Lamps, Transformers, Plants, Capacitors, Electrical Accessories, etc.     

We started off as a small firm, mainly engaged in manufacturing panel board accessories and L.T. switch gears. Gradually, with the rising demand of the market, Mr. Charu Bikas Ray, our mentor, expanded the business by registering the company with Chittaranjan Locomotive Works. The company also registered with Diesel Locomotive Works (Varanasi) for delivering qualitative electrical items. Subsequently with the pace of time, the company got registered with All India Zonal Railways and since then, we have been the regular suppliers of electrical loco, diesel loco, electrical rolling stock items and allied products. This trustworthy service in the field of supplying conventional and 3-Phase Loco to the railway sector has enabled us to become the approved vendor of Chittaranjan Locomotive Works.

At present, the business operation is led by Mr. Debarun Ray. He is a skilled personnel with a thorough knowledge in this field. We have reached a significant landmark in the field and further have the capability of offering substitute items and customization. The customization is done fully on the basis of drawings and samples provided by the clients. The years of industrial expertise in this area has enabled us to make our trustworthy presence by supplying our range to some of the renowned clients such as BHEL, DVC, NBCC, CESC LIMITED, ANDREW YULE, PHILIPS INDIA LTD., NDMC, and several others.

Our Products

Rayco Electro Enterprise is one of the reputed organizations, engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of high performance and durable electronic and electrical items. These include the following: 

  • Meters: Ammeters, Voltmeters, Current Transformer, Frequency Meter, Megger, Earth Tester, Electronic Energy Meter, Multifunctional Meter Power Factor, and Kilowatts Meter
  • Fuse Links: HRC/HBC Fuse Link, N.D. Type Fuse Links and Fuse Fittings
  • Switches: All Types of Rotary, Micro, Toggle, Program & Breaker Control Switches & Selector Switches and Special Application Rotary Switch & Toggle Switches for Railways    
  • Cables and Wires: PVC Power Cables, Copper Control Cables, PLLC/XLPR Cables, Telephone Cables, Welding Cables, Tinned Fuse and Binding Wires, etc.
  • Resistors: Wire-Wound Resistors, Edge-Wound Corrugated Resistors, Threaded High Wattage Type Resistors, All Types of Toroidal Powder Rheostats, Potentiometers, etc.
  • Other Switches: Electrical Switch Gears, Changeover Switches, Main Switches, M.C.C.B Switches, E.L.C.B Switches, R.C.C.B Switches, All Types of Relays and Bases, etc.
  • Lamps: Filament Indication Lamps, Railway Signaling & Rolling Stock Lamps, Instrument Lamps, LED Unbreakable Vibration Proof Industrial & Domestic Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps, Halogen Lamps, C.F.L. Lamps and Light Fittings
  • Lamp Accessories: Different Types of Push Buttons, Indicating Lamps, Selector Switch, Industrial Hooter, Limit Switch, L.E.D Flashing Tail Lamps, etc.
  • Transformers: Different Ranges of Transformers, Battery Chargers, Rectifiers, Power Supply Units, High Voltage Testing Sets, Oil Testing Sets, Brazing Transformers and all types of Electrical & Switchgear Panels
  • Plants: Distilled Water Plants, De-Mineralizing Plants, Electrical Baking Ovens, Muffle Furnaces, Hot Plates & Digital Temperature Controllers, etc.
  • Capacitors: All types of L.T & H.T Capacitors
  • Electrical Accessories: Electronic Ballasts, Inverters, Hydrometer Assemblies, Carbon Brushes, etc.

Other Products

Besides the above mentioned range, we are also involved in supplying other electrical products various industries and Government sectors. A detail list of our specialized range and their respective areas of operation is mentioned below:

List of Items Developed and Supplied for CLW Conventional Electric Loco W AG-7 & W AP-4 Loco
Items (Electrical Items) which we are supplying to All Indian Railways & Other Organization stated as below: 
  1. Bulb 10 Watts 130V (Instrument Light) As per CLW's Specn.No. CLWIESIL-9/D.
  2. Bulb 25 Watts 120V As per CLW's Specn.No. CLWIESIL-2/I
  3. Bulb 30 Watts 125V As per CLW's Specn.No. CLWIESIL-2/I
  4. Bulb 15 Watts 125V As per CLW's Specn.No. CLWIESIL-2/I
  5. Electric Signal Lamp IlOV-75Watt 2Pin IS: 418/1970.
  6. Fuse HRC Bottle type 2 amps to 16 amps complete set. 35 amps complete set as per CLW's Speculation. No. CLWIES/F-8/Alt-C.
  7. Fuse HRC 100Amps 660V olt as per CL W' s Specn. No. CLWIES/F-8/Alt-C.
  8. Push Button Switch with contact element CLW's Specn.No.CLWIES/S-81L.
  9. Toggle Switch 30 amps 250 Volt AC/DC, 10Amps 250Volt AC/DC. [Make-RGK] as per CLW Specn.No. CLWIES/S-27 & CLWIES/SKI to 3/S-27.
  10. Miniature Circuit Breaker 35Amps 130V.DC
  11. Make-HA YELLS. As per CLW Specn.No. CLWIES/C-52.
  12. Wall Socket PCLX 230/250V lOAmps. Make-EPI. As per CLW's Specn.No. CLWIES/P-2/C.
  13. Capacitor O.47MFD 600Volts RMS type.
  1. Ammeters, Voltmeters, Current Transformer, Frequency Meter, Megger, Earth Tester, Electronic Energy Meter, Multifunctional Meter Power Factor and Kilowatts Meter.
  2. All types of HRC/HBC Fuse link, N.D.Type Fuse Links and Fuse Fittings.
  3. All types of Rotary, Micro, Toggle, and Programme & Breaker Control Switches & Selector Switches and Special application Rotary Switch & Toggle Switches for Railways.
  4. PVC Power Cables, Copper Control Cables, PLLC/XLPR Cables, Telephone Cables, Welding Cables and Tinned Fuse and Binding Wires.
  5. All types of Wire-Wound, Edge-Wound Corrugated, Threaded High-voltage type Resistors, All types of Toroidal Power Rheostats, Potentiometers and Resistors.
  6. Electrical Switchgears, Changeover Switches, Main Switches, MCCB, KLCB, RCCB., All types of Power Contactors, Overload Relay, Motor Starters, Electronic Timer, All types of Relay & Base.
  7. Different types of Push Buttons, Indicating Lamp, Selector Switch, Industrial Hooter, Limit Switch, LKD Flashing Tail Lamp Led Lamp.
  8. Filament Indication Lamps, Railway Signaling & Rolling Stock Lamps, Instrument Lamps, LED Unbreakable Vibration Proof Industrial & Domestic Lamp suitable for Railway Coaches & Running Room , Metal Halide, Halogen, CF.L. Lamp and Light Fittings.
  9. Different ranges of Transformer, Battery Charger, Rectifiers, Power Supply Unit, High Voltage Test & Oil Testing Set, Brazing Transformer and All Types of Electrical & Switchgear Panel.
  10. Distilled Water Plant, Di-Mineralizing Plant, Electrical Baking Oven, Muffle Furnace, Hot Plate & Digital Temperature Controller
  11. All types of L.T. & H.T. Capacitors
  12. Electronic Ballast, Inverter, Hydrometer Assembly, Carbon brush, etc.


Quality always plays a pivotal role in keeping the company's profile in the top-notch position. In order to check the production stages, we have appointed a team of quality inspectors. They are dedicated in their work and take complete responsibility, right from the procurement of the raw materials until the final dispatch of the range. This observance of strict quality management assists us in ensuring utmost satisfaction level from the valuable clients.


Infrastructure is considered to be the backbone of Rayco Electro Enterprise. We have a sophisticated manufacturing unit, a testing laboratory, research and development unit and a capacious warehouse. The manufacturing unit is equipped with all the requisite facilities and modern machinery that assist us in the production of our range in a smooth manner.

We have a well developed research and development unit, where continuous research takes place in order to evolve new and improved production methodologies. Once the research is completed, the new thoughts and plans are implemented by sending them to the concerned departments. All these activities have enables us to gain expertise over the existing array and further help in meeting the present demands of our clients. 

Our Clients

  • Chittaranjan Locomotive Works - R/2001                             
  • Diesel Locomotive Works - 20461
  • Integral Coach Factory - R/254
  • South Eastern Railway - 32980
  • Eastern Railway - 35762
  • Metro Railway - 9365299
  • East Central Railway - 17802
  • East Coast Railway - 100158
  • Northeast Frontier Railway - 10737
  • South East Central Railway - 0371
  • Northern Railway - R0041
  • North Eastern Railway
  • North Central Railway
  • Central Railway - 10802
  • Western Railway  - 60173
  • West Central Railway - R50358
  • Southern Railway- 3711
  • South Central Railway - 5727
  • South Western Railway
  • BHEL/Jhansi - R/00450
  • NMDC Limited
  • OCL Limited
  • CESC Limited
  • Andrew Yule - R/565
  • Bieco Lawrie
  • Phillips India Limited
  • Esab India Limited - CTR008
  • Caldyne Automation Limited
  • NBCC
  • Damodar Valley Corporation - CP/143.

High Voltage Oil Test Set
High Voltage Oil Test Set
D type Fuse & Fuse fittings
D type Fuse & Fuse fittings
Wire Wound Resistor
Wire Wound Resistor
LED Lamp
LED Lamp
Bakelite Fuse Fittings
Bakelite Fuse Fittings

Contact Details
2, Lal Bazar Street, 3rd Floor, Room. No. 307,Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India
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Key Personnel
Mr. Charu Bikash Roy (Proprietor)

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